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Dalek Sek: Day 3

February 15th, 2008 (09:32 am)

 Well friends and human-pig hybrid slaves. Some more pictures of me out and about in Hiratsuka city. Before I show the pics, to just to say that I have been quite busy sorting out all the paperwork stuff and applying for other jobs. Yes, I know I already have a job, but there are better paying jobs here that can only be applied for within Japan. Things are going to be busy the next few days.

I did go shopping and bought 2 new suits; no pin-stripes yet unfortunately, but I needed a change of style anyway.

Anyway, the photos...

Above is me outside the entrance to Hiratsuka Garden Homes where I live. I live in the more rural part of Hiratsuka by the way, about 20 mins by bus from city centre.

Me on the Hanamizu river bridge near my home. Hanamizu means flower (hana) water (mizu) river. It is a bright chilly day here.

And some pictures of me on the bus.

You may note that you can never see any Japanese people or crowds in the background. My Japanese wife is too embarrassed and wont be seen in crowded places with me! I will rectify this in future, just give me more time.

Anyway, hope you enjoy these latest pics.


Dalek Sek