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New update on day 3

February 15th, 2008 (07:23 pm)


Job interview tomorrow in Tokyo for a company/agency that hires qualified teachers for Japanese international schools. The academic year here starts in April so this is good timing.

I have to use the train system to get to Tokyo (easy) and then use the very complex subway system to get to my final destination.

I should also mention that I accompanied my wife to the dentist yesterday. It is so cheap here as dentist treatment is included as part of your medical insurance. Medical insurance costs about 70.00 pounds a month, but this covers everything and means you only pay 10-30 percent of the medical costs depending on the type of insurance/situation. Old people get 100 percent exemption so it is not totally cut-throat.

So my wife paid only 15 pounds for a filling at 30 percent of the cost! WTF, it costs about 70-80 quid in the UK. Soon as I am on the medical insurance scheme I will get my fillings done. My teeth are rotten and I need about 6 done lol.

So, I am aware that one of my human-pig slaves is now unemployed. Such sloth will not be tolerated. You know who you are, so tell me what developments are being made on your job hunt. YOU...WILL...TELL...ME!

Another thing. My mother-in-law cooks breakfast, lunch and meal for us every day. This is the norm. Typical Japanese style too; which means several different dishes included vegetables, fruits, fish, rice, meats etc. I am in heaven now.

I played the Japanese lottery (called lotto 6) and lost. Jackpot is 100 million yen, which is about 500k. I lost anyway :(.

Last note. I watched Japanese Dr Who this week. Differences are:

(a) It is Japanes dubbed of course;
(b) Has voice-over during the intro sequence which introduces the Doctor and his assistant; and
(c) Has extra credits at the end for the Japanese translators and voice-actors.

The most recent episode is the one with the comedian Peter Kay as the monster who absorbs other life-forms. Dr Who here has a prime-time slot  at 7.30 on a Tuesday night. 


Dalek Sek


Posted by: jujubh (jujubh)
Posted at: February 15th, 2008 03:30 pm (UTC)

My dental care seems to be somewhat cheaper, root canal for £58 all in.

Good luck tomorrow!

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