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Finally, I can post again

February 26th, 2008 (10:15 am)

Sorry minions, I have been so busy of late. I was travelling to Tokyo every day for training, that`s 2 hours each way :(. 

Last week and yesterday I took some more pics and I will take more today. Here they are.

This is me at Shonan Beach, which is about a 5 min walk from my apartment. The sand is an ashen colour so it`s not pretty. But the ocean is clean and whispers Davrosian lullabies to my conflicted subconscious.

This is me with my Japanese mother-in-law. She is old school Japanese and a practising buddhist.

Me eating a typical Japanese meal...note a nice selection of fish, miso soup, sashimi (raw fish) and clams etc. This was delicious :)

This is me on the veranda of my apartment. You can see  the hanamizu river behind me.

This photo was taken in Hiratsuka city. A flower shop girl took the photo, although she was totally freaked by my alien appearance.

Not much to report as I have been so busy with training and other job applications. 

I have been playing Starcraft in my spare time.

Oh, and I should say that my human wife got a job yay.

See you guys later.


Dalek Sek


Posted by: Niceguy BT (davros17)
Posted at: February 26th, 2008 10:17 am (UTC)

well this is week two of being unemployed and another couple of applications sent off and i have a job fair tomorrow for the financial companys.

Got a busy week lined up and i will report on the fun later.

oh i signed on today lol

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